Who is Kyanite?

Kyanite Consulting is a specialist Change and Project Management services business.

We are a professional and customer-focused team that works in partnership with our clients to create pathways to success and to deliver targeted business outcomes including:

•  executing business strategy
•  effecting business transformation
•  driving performance improvement
•  improving operational efficiency
•  realising business benefits

Our team of highly experienced professionals have worked across most industries including:

•  Banking and financial services
•  Card and payments
•  Consumer finance and commercial leasing
•  Manufacturing
•  Travel and leisure

Kyanite specialises in the follow types of projects:

•  Mergers and integrations
•  Banking core systems replacement
•  Card and payments transformation
•  ERP / CRM design and implementation
•  Risk and compliance
•  Cultural change and business transformation

What is Kyanite?

Kyanite is a naturally occurring mineral said to possess energy giving properties. It is deemed to add value to the workplace by:

  • Opening communication pathways where none existed before
  • Bridging the gap between different beliefs and ideas
  • Establishing order out of chaos
  • Creating pathways to success