Business Transformation

Business and technology transformation is about making fundamental changes in how a business is conducted to help cope with and to mitigate risk associated with shifts in market environment, customer demand, product relevancy, financial performance and/or competitive forces.

Kyanite Consulting’s pathway to successful business transformation can be adapted to client circumstances but typically will involve the following steps:

  • ‘Light bulb moment’ – recognising the need to change and gaining stakeholder consensus that transformational change is necessary
  • ’Visioning’ – defining a vision that describes a better future and agreeing on change objectives
  • ‘Gap Assessment’- understanding the gap between what the business is (current state) and what the business will be (future state)
  • ‘Solution Architecture’- designing the ‘future state’ business model, structure, processes and priorities
  • ‘Implementation’ – progressively developing, testing and implementing changes based on priorities and typically in waves
  • ‘Benefits Realisation’- embed the changes and deliver targeted business benefits

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”

Henry Ford


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