Our Service Promise

Our service promise is integral to our client commitment and business model. It underpins how we conduct ourselves, how we do business and how we establish positive, trusted, respected and mutually successful relationships with our clients and business partners.

Our service promise has five key components as follows:

Integrity, honesty and transparency

Kyanite consultants operate with integrity, honesty and transparency. We ‘tell it like it is’ with consideration, diplomacy and respect.
We are focused on making our client successful and establishing trusted and respected relationships. We sit behind our clients and tell them what they need to hear and will lead them down their ‘pathway to success’.

Professional and enterprising work ethic

Kyanite consultants always strive to exceed client expectations and add real value beyond the initial task. Professional work ethic, experience, enterprise, creativity and a helping of ‘street smarts’ are combined to help our clients achieve their business goals.

Flexible and adaptable approach

Kyanite consultants are not ‘one trick ponies’ nor do they have a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our consultants will use their years of experience to work with the client and quickly adapt to their particular needs and situations to ensure the best positioning for success.

Skills and capability uplift

Kyanite consultants do not seek to make clients dependent on their services. Instead they focus on the timely transfer of skills, capability and knowledge with the objective of helping the client become self-sufficient.

Client confidentiality, policy and security

Kyanite consultants understand, respect and maintain client confidentiality, policy and security.

“Establishing positive and mutually successful relationships with our clients”