Project Management Maturity Assessment & Advancement

Overview – a four step process

Kyanite uses proven Project Management Maturity frameworks to work with their clients to:

  • assess their current level of maturity
  • develop an achievable improvement plan
  • support the execution of that plan
  • re-assess, post implementation

Project Management Maturity Assessment

Kyanite begins by assessing your organisation’s current project delivery capability and project management maturity level (this is your baseline maturity level against which any improvements can be measured). Your organisation’s desired future maturity level is then determined and will vary for each organisation depending upon specific goals, strategies, resource capabilities, scope, and needs.

Once current and future states are known, the maturity gap can be determined and the areas that need to be focussed on in order to advance.

Improvement Plan

Results from the Assessment are used to develop specific recommendations and a roadmap that provides realistic milestones for short and long-term process improvement activities. Kyanite works with you to ensure that the plan also addresses key change management critical success factors.

Deployment Support

Kyanite provides you with guidance and implementation support to quickly deploy the improvement recommendations. Working in partnership with you and your team, we leverage our collective assets and experience to expedite your organisation’s maturity advancement.

PM Maturity Re-assessment

A key element of our approach is to re-assess maturity once improvements are made in order to highlight advancements that have been achieved. Kyanite conducts an abbreviated maturity assessment and compares the newer findings with your baseline maturity level and original improvement plan. New and/or supplemental recommendations are provided to reflect current business priorities and areas of focus for further progression.

“Improve the management of your portfolio with the consistent application of defined project management processes.”


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