Stakeholder Management

A stakeholder is any individual, group or entity that can affect or may be impacted by a strategy or project. Positive stakeholder engagement is critical to the execution of business strategy and to successful project delivery.

Effective stakeholder management creates positive relationships through shared and agreed objectives and the appropriate management of stakeholder expectations.

Kyanite can assist with the development and execution of a stakeholder management plan that includes:

  • Stakeholder identification – identify all individuals and groups affected by and with a vested interest in the strategy, project or initiative
  • Understanding your stakeholders – what is their interest and how to best engage them
  • Stakeholder prioritisation – determine and prioritise key stakeholders based on their level of power, influence and interest
  • Key stakeholder engagement and communication – determine what the most effective way of communicating with and engaging key stakeholders

“Make your stakeholders rich with knowledge and they will make you rich in knowledge.”

William Butler Yeats


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